Thursday 2 January 2014

Totoro Back to School Toast

School reopens today, back to waking up at unearthly hours which I absolutely hate. IT is back to school today, their school has shifted to a temporary holding school for two years. The car queue for drop off and pick up was mad chaotic, sign. :( LT is only starting school next Monday, he will be in the same school as IT but in the afternoon session. That means I will be very busy, will be cutting down on foodart and blogging. Both boys still want to bring bentos to school everyday, I will just be packing them simple non-decorated bentos. I'm still busy with baking this week, will probably start making foodart next week instead. Meanwhile, I will be clearing my backlogs, I still have creations from 2013 not shared. -_-

I made this Totoro back to school toast last week. Totoro is made from egg. I dyed it blue using water soaked with butterfly pea flowers. These flowers are great for colouring food blue naturally. Chibi Totoro is made from quail eggs and Susuwatari are blueberries. The bee on top of Totoro's head is made from corn.

Totoro does not look too happy to go back to school, just like my boys and I, lol. :)
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