Tuesday 21 January 2014

Quail Egg Penguin Yakisoba-Pan

I made yakisoba-pan for my boys' lunch last week, decided to do a quick decor with some quail eggs. I made them into penguins. They are super easy to make, took some step by step photos on how to make them.

I've the yakisoba recipe HERE if you need it. My boys call it yucky soba, that was what it sounded like to them when I first introduced them to the dish, lol. In case you are mistaken, yakisoba is not yucky at all, it's yummy and my boys love it.

Did you notice the fishing pole? The penguins are fishing and I think they caught a fish, lol.

To make the penguin, you need a hard boiled quail egg. You can use chicken egg too to make a bigger penguin. Cut out seaweed as shown in picture, it's easier to fold in half to cut.

Fold back the seaweed in half and cut out half a heart shape.

Here's roughly how it should look when opened up.

Spread on some mayo so that the seaweed can stick onto the egg.

Wrap the seaweed on the egg and wrap with cling wrap to secure.

Add on corn using pasta.

I used this puncher for the eyes. If you do not have one, you can also use a sharp tipped scissors to cut out. Alternatively, you can use black sesame for the eyes. Dab on some pink decor gel on the penguin's cheek. You can use ketchup to replace if you like.

You can also add in feet for the penguin using corn.

The completed penguins. I will probably be making similar onigiri versions too. :)
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