Thursday 13 February 2014

Cinnamoroll Valentines Bento

I received a Valentine's Day card today, not from my hubby, but from my son, lol. IT was busy drawing something this afternoon and he told me not to peep. He presented me with a card thereafter and wished me 'Happy Valentine's Day'. He had asked me a couple of days back whether I wanted flowers for Valentines. I told him no, because flowers are overpriced on Valentine's Day. This boy sure knows the way to my heart. :)

I made this Cinamoroll sandwich for IT's tea break today. He's always asking for food not long after lunch. He's probably on a growth spurt, he's almost as tall as me and he's only 10 years old.

The bouquet of roses were made using lettuce, ham and bread, it's just like a ham sandwich but presented in a more interesting way. You might want to try this if you are looking for a quick Valentines idea for tomorrow.

I'll probably take a break from blogging tomorrow. Here's wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!
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