Friday, 7 February 2014

Winter Olympics Bento

Today is the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, held in Sochi this year. I'm joining my fellow Bento Bloggers and Friends in a 2014 Winter Olympics blog hop. So make sure you click on the button at the end of this post, and hop around to check out everyone's great ideas.

The first thing I did before making this bento was to look for the mascots, thank goodness they looked rather cute, so I did not have to come up with my own mascots. :P

The mascots this year are the polar bear, hare and snow leopard. Ingredients used were rice (brown rice was coloured with some dark soya sauce), quail eggs (for the scarf and bow, dyed blue using butterfly pea flower) and nori.

I included different coloured fruits to represent the different coloured Olympics rings.

I totally forgot to add in whiskers for the leopard. By the time I remembered, my boys had already finished this bento. -_-

I also made an Olympics toast, left out the snow leopard since there was not enough space and it's more difficult to make as compared to the other two.

Ingredients used were quail eggs, nori, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, pineapple and grape.

Now, click on the image above to take you to Keitha's Chaos, and check out Keitha's awesome creations. :)
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  1. Love them both! Great touch to use fruits to represent the Olympics rings!

  2. Looks fantastic! I especially love your Olympic toast!

  3. The mascots are awesome. Love them all. Very cute!

  4. I am really sad my mascot lunches have to follow your mascot lunches in this blog hop. Your mascots look fantastic!!!

    1. No, Keitha, yours was really good. I amazed by the details of your leopard.

  5. 好漂亮!!好喜欢它们的五官,太精致了!

  6. So much cuteness! You did an amazing job!


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