Tuesday 4 February 2014

Unazukin Doll

How was your Chinese New Year holiday? We had a great time stuffing ourselves with all the goodies, lol. I turned in early yesterday, was too tired to type out a blog post, we spent a day at Adventure Cove, it was really fun, but all of us were exhausted at the end of the day.

Made these Unazukin dolls for lunch a while back. I had a tough time making them stand, the rice kept falling apart. They looked rather simple, but I ended up spending more time than I expected on them. In the end, I was running late, had to leave the house, so I just did a really quick decor instead of a more detailed one I had in mind. I guess I will probably be remaking them again.

Ingredients used to make these Unazukin dolls were rice (pink coloured with sakura denbu, yellow coloured with deco furi), egg (face), aburaage tofu (hair), nori, ham, kamaboko (flowers) and egg sheet (flowers).

I quickly packed one into a bento box for LT. We are always early at school, and LT has his lunch in the car before heading in.

Sharing these stuff I just received from BentoUSA. Love the Rilakkuma and totoro stuff! In case you do not know, BentoUSA not only carry bento related items, but also San-X, totoro and Sanrio items too. I'm also keeping some of those extras for future giveaways. There will be one coming up this Thursday. :)
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  1. Love the dolls, they are lovely and what a great collection from BentoUSA!:)

  2. Love how neatly this turned out! Looks great!

  3. I always say that your bentos are cute but I can't say nothing else! There are so cute and beautiful!!!!


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