Friday 1 June 2012

Curry Boy Bento

It's almost the end of the first week of holiday, so fast! I managed to clear and organise my kitchen cabinets and fridge, and that leaves me with more space! So tempted to fill it up with those lunch boxes I've been keeping in view, lol. :)

I've been itching to make a bento, had some time yesterday, so I made them dinner bentos. Er, though not exactly a bento, since it's served on a plate.

I got this idea from a Japanese magazine I was reading while dining in a Japanese restaurant. :) This was part of their dinner, I could not fit all the food in.

And this is the whole serving for one person. :)

We've been lunching out everyday, coz we've been spending our time out of the house. And I'm also lazy to cook as well. I decided to stay in today, kept Japanese curry and rice from dinner last night, topped with shredded cheese and we had baked curry rice for our lunch. :)

We are off to Malacca and Port Dickson next week, I hope I get to visit the 100 yen stores there. :) So, it's unlikely that I'll be posting anything next week, have a good weekend. :)


  1. That is so cute!!! XD
    U coming to melaka? Im from melaka!! Im sorry to tell u that there is no 100 yen shop here and even daiso here have limited bento stuff.
    And also port dickson? Im going there too in late june! Enjoy your holiday anyway!!

    1. Yenn, yes, coming with my parents, staying at Melaka for a nite. :) Heard there's this 100yen shop at Austin heights, JB n also in Seremban, call Tokutokuya. But dunno whether we'll be able to drop by, hopefully, fingers crossed. :)

    2. Wow, love the curry bento idea. Just bought some curry pkts from Daiso today, perhaps I should attempt the girl version :). I have been wanting to go to the 100yen shops over at JB but im always stuck at KSL since kids love the mall. Have a good break!! Look forward to ur next blog!!! Fm Emily

    3. Emily, if u check out the JB one, do let me know whether it's worth going. :) I went to Daiso in Melaka n 100 yen shop in sembilan, the 100 yen shop hv some bento stuff but nothing I wanted. But managed to find some nice wooden trays at Daiso.

  2. Ming, will keep u posted when i visit the 100yen in JB but likely to b after my gal's PSLE. If u do go to KL, do check out the 100yen at Kuchai or chk out their FB, they hv nice bento stuff too which k be purchased online. Fm Emily

    1. Tks a lot, Emily. There's this 100 yen shop call Tokutokuya at IPC, KL. Saw tt it's very well stocked, so tempted to go down, maybe end of yr. :)


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