Friday 29 June 2012

Mame Goma Seal Bento

It's cold soba for the boys today, topped with seals. :) I did a short tutorial on how to make these seals today. :)

Using the new lunchboxes, this set is for IT. In the box are soba, quail eggs, grilled thai style chicken, bacon asparagus, golden kiwis, strawberries and grapes.

And this set for LT. The pink seal is coloured with beetroot water. And the blue portion of the white seal is coloured with red cabbage water.

And this one for IT to bring to School, cold soba in the thermos, and grapes, quail egg and chicken in the small strawberry box. :) LT wanted a box today but I did not make a box for him. I told him he'll make a mess eating the soba in School. So, the little fella showed me at home how he won't make a mess out of eating soba, lol. Looks like I will have to make some soba for him to bring to School next time.

This was my Thai dinner last night, pineapple fried rice, grilled chicken and tom yum soup.

And to make the seals. First, boil two quail eggs, dye one pink by soaking in colouring. I'm using beet root water to dye it.

Slice off a small portion from the pointed side of the egg.

Punch out 2 ovals with a cutter, these will be the flippers.

Punch out one oval from cheese, this will be the mouth.

Attach on the flippers and mouth with pasta.

Punch out nori using punchers.

Dab on some decorating gel or ketchup.

Ta-dah, completo! Pretty fast and easy to do. :)

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  1. I'm really fond of mamegoma <3 I have some plushdolls, keyrings and writing blogs of it... I think that he is really cute
    Thanks for the nice tutorial for making them :D - Tho it will be hard to eat them lol

    1. Yes, I also think he is very cute. :) Hope u can try making them. :)

  2. hello hello !! Long time no see ! I am so happy to see your blog again :D And your new design is very beautiful and classy, yet friendly: i love it !! Your little seals are really cute, i shall try one day ^^. See you ! :)

    1. Hi Kelyrin! Gd to see u again. :) Thank you for ur wonderful comments. :)

  3. Hi Ming, may I know where you buy these lunch boxes? Love the stainless steel linings :)

    1. My friend helped me to buy them from Korea. You can get them on gmarket Korea but I think need to know some Korean. Or u can try my noble baby on my bento shop list on the left side bar, they carry some too. :)

  4. Hai, gimana cara bikinnya yang bagian warna biru ya? Katanya red cabbage? Red cabbage diapain?

    1. Hi, sorry, I don't understand Malay? Do you know English? Can you type in English n I will try to help u. Tk u.


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