Friday 15 June 2012

Meat Patty Bear Bento

I did a charaben, not for the boys, but for myself, lol. :P It's the first time I made a charaben for myself. :) This was my dinner for today, the boys and Daddy had the usual 3 dishes with rice, I took some of the 5 spice meatballs I was cooking for them, and shaped them into patties for my sandwich. :P

A charaben just for me, lol. :P

We are going for a staycation at Marina Bay Sands and catching the Gazillion Bubble Show on Sunday, all thanks to my Parents again. :) And next week is the last week of School holidays, sobs. :( I won't be making any charabens next week, but I might bake something. Will post up my bakes if I do. If not, I'll be back again when School reopens.


  1. Awwww...soo cute! I like this! I will be missing your bento Ming!


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