Friday 10 August 2012

FunBites Review

Simple Thots is the local distributor for FunBites. Simple Thots has kindly sponsored a set of FunBites Cube it for this review. I am excited to be able to test out this interesting bento tool. :)

Here's FunBites, still in it's packaging. It's very user friendly. The cutter is sharp enough to cut through food and yet, it's safe even for little kids to use. :)

This food cutter is different from other food cutters I've tried before. It comes with two components: the cutter and the popper top. I like that the cutter is curved at the bottom, this helps a lot in the cutting process. The curved-bottom lets you roll from side-to-side to ensure that food has been cut. And the popper top helps to get food out of the cutter very easily.

Here's a nifty trick I've learnt from Cristi of Bent On Better Lunches on how to use FunBites to cube peanut butter sandwiches. I'm trying it out with strawberry jam instead. First, spread jam on bottom slice of bread. Press the FunBites on the top slice of bread and press to cut.

Lift the cutter with the top bread still stuck in it, and place it on the bottom slice of bread. Rock the cutter side-to-side to cut.

Pop in the popper top and ta-dah, you get perfectly cut bread. :)

I've tested FunBites on thicker slice of bread, cheese and spam, works very well on them all. :)

Here's a fast bento I've assembled with the cubes. Piggy sandwich kebabs, cut using FunBites. :)

The good news is FunBites and Simple Thots will be sponsoring 1 FunBites each for my US and Singapore readers.  :) Giveaway details will be up next Monday, please check back again then. :)


  1. LOVE the cute little Piggy Sandwich kebabs!

  2. What a great review and wonderful creation with the cube it! I love this super cute lunch:)

  3. The piggy kebob is so cute and creative. I wouldn't have thought of turning it into anything like that. I have seen a lot of the funbites lately, but I do not have one yet. Maybe I'll win one in the giveaway! :)

    1. Yes, they've been very generous in sponsoring to prepare for back to Sch in US. :) Hope you will win one, good luck! :)


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