Monday, 28 January 2013

Fork & Spoon Yakisoba Bento

I did not do up a blog post yesterday because I was sick. :( Other than fetching and sending my boys to School, cooking lunch and dinner, I was practically sleeping on the bed the whole day, hidden under my blanket. :P It's a relief that my boys were able to go around their daily routine fairly independently, popping in to check on me once in a while, lol. :)

This was done last Thursday. I had this set of fork and spoon cutter for a long time, but never used them before. -_- Lol, yah, I do tend to hoard stuff, I guess I need to spend some time to dig out my cutters and use them for my bentos.

For lunch, they had yakisoba stir-fried with pork, broccoli, strawberries and fries.

I packed some yakisoba-pan for myself. Lol, this is one very weird combination the Japanese came up with, but it does taste quite nice.
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