Wednesday 9 January 2013

Salmon Soboro Bear Bento

While I was in Tokyo, I fell in love with this salmon soboro bento from their convenience store. It's a small portion, so I'll buy it back to eat as supper in the hotel room, lol. I've been craving for it recently, so I attempted to make some myself. Quite happy with the result, will share the recipe at the end of the post. :)

I'm using this cute cutter to make today's bentos. It's kindly sponsored by Kitchenique. Please hop over to their facebook page to check out their range of bento items. :)

Salmon soboro with egg for my boys' lunch today. I also packed in broccoli, waffle fries and strawberries. The picks are available on Kitchenique too. :)

I used the bear cutter as a mould for this. :)

And for this, I used the cutter to cut out cheese.

Here's mine, I added in chives, mushrooms and yellow peppers in mine. :) The salmon is a great filling for onigiri too.


200g salmon fillet
1 + 1 tsp salt
1/2 cup + 1tbsp sake
1 tbsp mirin

  1. Salt both sides of salmon fillet well with 1 tsp of salt. Add more if needed. Leave it overnight in the fridge.
  2. Wipe fish dry. Put fish skin side down in the wok, pour in 1/2 cup of sake, cover with lid, turn to medium low heat and let it cook till the sake has evaporated.
  3. Take fish out and let it cool down. 
  4. Flake fish with a fork or your hands.
  5. Heat up wok, add a tbsp of sake, mirin and 1 tsp of salt, with the flaked fish.
  6. Keep stir frying till the fish is dry. 
  • This can keep to around a week in the fridge. 
  • The salmon is meant to taste salty because you are eating it mixed with rice or stuffed in it. Adjust the amount of salt if you prefer it less or more salty.
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  1. So adorable!! What a fun new tool to use :D

  2. This is cute and thanks again for sharing new recipe.

  3. Oh! You've got a Magewappa!!! Did you buy it when you were in Japan or did you order from B&C?

    1. Lol, neither. I had it for a long time, it's a cheap one I bought from Taobao.

  4.'s you make for head of tedy bear?from what?

    1. The first one is salmon, n the second one is cheese. Salmon recipe is enclosed. :)


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