Tuesday 29 January 2013

White Rabbit & Cheshire Cat Bento

It's Lewis Carroll on the 27th of January, I was planning to do an Alice in Wonderland themed lunch yesterday to join in the linky at Bent on Better Lunches. I woke up sick, so I just did a simple charaben yesterday. I'm feeling a lot better today, so I did up the bentos I had planned to do yesterday. :)

White rabbit bentos for my boys' lunch. White rabbit is made from rice, nori, ham, cheese and crabstick. Teacups are made from sausages, clock is made from cheese and nori, and poker card is made from cheese and red decor gel.

The box is also packed with seaweed chicken, broccoli, grapes and strawberries.

I had some purple bread in the freezer, so I made a Cheshire cat sandwich for their snacks. Idea for this came from Cheshire cat cupcakes I saw online. :P Cat is made from bread, nori and cheese.

And an Alice in Wonderland themed lunch for me too. :) My bento is packed with rice, seaweed chicken and greens.
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  1. Such a cute theme and this bento are perfect. Love the details like the clock and poker card!

    I hope you will feel all well soon. Take care!

  2. Great work and fantastic reference to the book! Clock's made from ham and nori? Nothing else? Really cute boxes. All of them :p.

    1. Tk u! Lol, u are right, shd be cheese n nori, tks for pointing out. :)

  3. Love all of these bentos! The details are amazing!


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