Thursday 17 January 2013

Sandwich Bear Bento

I made a fast snack for the boys using a set of cutters sponsored by Kitchenique. It's the same one I shared last week, please refer to last week's post to see the cutter. :)

A simple snack box of ham and cheese sandwich. :)

I added some grapes and strawberries as well.

I forgot to share 2 bentos which I packed for myself this week. This one is a lunch bento, I had rice, smoked duck, portobello, yellow capsicum and carrots.

This one is a breakfast bento, packed with spam sandwiches, hee. :)

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  1. What a coincidence, I've just ordered this cutter a couple of days ago because one friend has it and seems cute and easy to do.

    I am happy to see you have one, you always have great ideas for all the tools so I will waiting to see them.

    Bears are really cute with their hats and crowns ^^

  2. Love it...the bear look so cute.


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