Thursday 7 November 2013

Animal Palz Rice Panda

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Do you know you can use your Animal Palz as a rice mould too? I used my Animal Palz to mould these rice pandas.

These were for my boys' dinner. I cooked chicken karaage and dumpling soup that day. There were some fried mushrooms in the bentos as well, which were actually leftovers from lunch. I brought my parents for lunch in the afternoon and I ordered a little too much, so I brought back the fried mushrooms which we could not finished.

Can you see the little baby panda? I made it out of cheese and nori. :)

IMG_9456 - Copy
A breakfast I made just after IT's exams two weeks ago.

IMG_9458 - Copy - Copy
I used Animal Palz to stamp on the bread, the baby panda stamper is too cute!
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  1. I am getting so many ideas from you as how to use the animal palz, I didn't know that it can be used as a rice mold and thanks for sharing! Super cute bento as always!:)

  2. I also didn't realize it could be used as a rice mould! I love the panda onigiri you made.

  3. amazing!! love the ideas and about the using it as rice mould!


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