Monday 3 March 2014

Hello Kitty Sandwich and Rice Roll

I had wanted to post up the tutorial for these Hello Kitty sandwich rolls last week, but I was busy revising with my boys for their upcoming tests. After all the revising, I just wanted to rest at night, instead of doing up a blog post.

Very easy Hello Kitty sandwich rolls, can't remember where the idea was from, saw them a long time back somewhere, and had always wanted to make them.

I made these for snacks, but they are great for lunch too, just have to add in more food. :)

I also made rice version of the kitties.

Sharing how I made them below.

Slice off bread crusts. You can flatten the bread with a rolling pin if you like, this helps to prevent the bread from breaking when you roll. I usually skip this step, as I prefer a fluffier looking sandwich roll.

I spread some mayo and used ham for the fillings. You can use other fillings like tuna, jam, etc. Roll up the bread slowly.

Wrap the bread using cling wrap, leave it aside for a while, so the roll can hold its shape. Cut out 2 triangles from bread for Hello Kitty ears. If you are wondering what to do with the bread after cutting the ears out, you can check out my old post HERE for some ideas.

If needed, slice off the side of the sandwich rolls to fit into your bento box.

Attached on ears using pasta. Dab on some mayo to help the eyes and whiskers stick. I used the puncher in the picture above to punch out the eyes. The whiskers are cut out using scissors.

Use an oval cutter to punch out nose from egg sheet and stick it onto the bread with some mayo. You can also use corn for the nose. I used bento picks for Kitty's bows.

If you do not have a bow pick, you can also use 2 heart shaped sprinkles for the bow. Or cut out 2 heart shapes from ham, capsicum, strawberries, etc.

For the rice version, you can either use a mould to shape your rice if you have one, or use cling wrap to shape your rice. I misplaced my rice mould, this picture is actually 'stolen' from one of my old tutorial post. The rest of the steps to make the Hello Kitty rice roll is the same as the sandwich roll.

Hope the step-by-step helps, try making these Kitties and pack them in your bento. :)
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