Tuesday 18 March 2014

Mashed Potato Bear on Pasta

A little lazy to get the blog updated or do any food art since the holiday break started. I think I'll probably take a break this week from making cute food, pretty much enjoying the time off to head outdoors with my boys. Might try to update another one or two posts this week as I still have a backlog of food creations not shared on the blog.

Bears playing on my dinner, made this around 2 weeks ago for myself. Yes, you heard me correctly, made this for myself, not my boys. It was a last minute decision to add on the bears. I was alone at home (LT was in school and IT was on a school excursion) and done cooking dinner very early that day. There was still plenty of time left before I had to head out to fetch my boys, so I ended up adding 2 mashed potato bears to decorate my dinner. Ate it while watching my Korean drama, lol.

Bears are made from mashed potatoes, nori and bubu arare (rice puffs on their cheeks).

One bear is resting on seafood aglio olio pasta, and the other one is climbing onto a bowl of pumpkin soup. Daddy and my boys had the same food later that day for dinner, but served in much bigger portions than mine.
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