Monday 24 March 2014

Sanrio Ice Cream Bento

It's back to school again after the one week break. We had a fun week, glad the rain stopped towards the end of the week and we ended the holiday with a trip to Universal Studios and Haw Par Villa. I took a break from foodart last week, I've so many ideas, hopefully I can get started tomorrow.

Sharing these ice cream onigiri I made around a month back. These onigiri were inspired by Bell's very cute ice cream creations. She made hers using Magnum ice creams! You can check out her Facebook page HERE, she makes really awesome foodart.

I chose to make Sanrio characters, from top to bottom, Chococat, Keroppi, My Melody and Hello Kitty.

I took a photo of the onigiri before adding on the details, as I thought they look cute even without any decorations too. Pink and green rice were coloured with deco furi. The black one was rice wrapped with seaweed. The rice were all moulded onto ice cream sticks using cling wrap.

Ingredients used to make these ice cream onigiri were nori, egg sheet, cheese and ham.

My boys found these quite fun to eat, as they could eat the rice just by holding on to the ice cream sticks. :)
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