Monday 31 March 2014

Teddy Bear Tea Time Bread

While surfing some Japanese sites, I saw some uber cute teddy bear bread baked in cupcake cases. They immediately went into my must try list. I did not have time to bake bread, so I ended up doing a cheater version using store bought bread buns instead.

I made these around 3 weeks ago, they were definitely much faster and way easier to make than the version I saw. However, I still hope to try baking them one day. I added on a burger made out of sausage, cheese, sesame seeds and lettuce for one bear. The other bear is holding on to a teacup which I filled with some chocolate sauce.

The bread buns were eaten with chicken carrot patties and beef and daikon stewed with Chu Hou sauce. It's my first time cooking beef in Chu Hou sauce, loves how flavourful it turned out.

The bears' ears and hands were cut out using scissors, and nori were used for their eyes and nose.
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  1. Kawaii! Love the teacup and burger the bears are holding.

  2. OMG! the mini burger is so so cute!

  3. These look very cute!
    They would also be great to add to an Afternoon Tea instead of finger sandwiches, much prettier!

  4. Awww, super cute teddy bears, I love them and the tiny teacup!:)

  5. 好细腻的作品!!那迷你汉堡也太神了吧!


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