Friday 28 March 2014

Sleeping My Melody Sandwich

Easter is coming in around a month's time. I'm not sharing an Easter bento today. In fact, I've yet to start making one, most likely will start making some after next week, as I already have stuff I want to make for next week. However, if you need some ideas for Easter, you can click HERE to check out my previous posts, I've done quite a number of Easter themed bentos before.

Sharing this My Melody snack I made for IT. My Melody is bread spread with cream cheese. The pink cream cheese is store bought strawberry cream cheese. I've shared previously on how to make your own, you can click HERE to check out that post. IT did mention he prefers the homemade strawberry cream cheese after eating this, I think it's because the homemade version tastes sweet. The mushroom and Melody's nose were made using cheese.

I need to catch up on my sleep like My Melody this weekend too. Wishing you a relaxing and restful weekend! :)
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