Wednesday 26 March 2014

Frozen Movie Olaf Somen

We love the Disney movie, Frozen. The song 'Let it go' from the movie is so popular, I've heard so many renditions of it. The song is very nice, but I hear it so often, I'm pretty sick of it now, lol.

My boys' favourite character in Frozen, no prize for guessing correctly, is none other than Olaf.

Olaf was made using somen, cheese, nori and carrots. His hands were made using grape stems and can't be eaten. I guess you can if you want to, but it will probably taste awful, lol. -_- The somen was eaten cold with a dipping sauce.

This was quite easy to make, my boys asked me to make Olaf again, will be making another Frozen bento soon.
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  1. I'm in love! I love olaf. And this somen olaf is amazing! Great artwork! :)

  2. My girl say I can make Olaf refer to your version....gosh....she love your art. ;p

  3. So cute, love his pose! Very creative!

  4. So cute and looks like a delicious meal!

  5. What a cute idea! What are sticks (Olaf's hands) made out of?

    Thank you.


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