Wednesday 6 August 2014

Cuddle Palz Bento

Thought I better do up a post today, as I'll be busy watching Korean dramas the next few days, most the shows I'm catching currently happens to be airing on wednesday and thursday, lol.  More Cuddle Palz creations to share, not exactly bento, as none of them were packed in a box.

Instant cuteness to tortilla chips, with the help of Cuddle Palz. I got this awesome idea from Kathy of Eclectic Lamb and I used the recipe Rebecca from Bentos on the Bayou shared on her blog. A shout-out to Kendra from Biting The Hand That Feeds You as well, as she was the first blogger who used CuteZCute to cut out tortilla chips. :) Do check out their blog for lots more lunch packing ideas. :)

I made some salsa for my boys to dip their tortilla chips in, but I think most of the salsa went into my tummy, they were happy to just munch on the chips.

Instead of using the usual burger bun for burger, I decided to use bread instead. I cut out the bread using Cuddle Palz and placed it on top of a beef patty, lettuce and cheese.

Sandwich burger was served with fries and asparagus soup.

Not sure if you noticed, I placed the beef patty directly underneath the bread, the dark brown patty brought out the Koala's features perfectly.

The last food art I'm sharing today is this bear sandwich. :)

Made this for IT's snack, he eats a lot these days and is almost as tall as me, just a few centimetres short. In case you are wondering, I'm not that tall, but not exactly short either. I'm 5 feet 3, he's almost 5 feet 2 and only 10 years old.

Bear was a nutella sandwich, which he ate with carrot soup. I still have more CuteZCute creations, will update them next time. :)
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