Tuesday 12 August 2014

Rilakkuma Bread Roll & Puff Pastry Soup

IT has recovered and he went to school yesterday. He still needs more rest though, he was so tired, he went straight for a nap once he was home yesterday. He still does not have much of an appetite as well. Thank goodness we will have the rest of the week off after today, it's a short school week. :)

An easy Rilakkuma sandwich roll bento box. This is the second time I'm making Rilakkuma sandwich roll, I made a slightly different version way back in 2011. You can click HERE if you would like to take a look.

The sandwich rolls were filled with tuna mayo, also packed some fruits in the box.

The way to make the sandwich rolls is similar to the Hello Kitty sandwich rolls tutorial HERE, which I shared previously. This time, I flattened the bread before rolling.

This puff pastry Rilakkuma idea was from a bento book.

Made this for my lunch, there's seafood soup underneath the puff pastry. I love having puff pastry with my soup, quite the perfect match. :)
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