Tuesday 5 August 2014

Maleficent Bento

LT was running a viral fever over the weekend, which we self-medicated with paracetamol. He woke up all well yesterday, so I sent him to school. He showed no signs of sickness yesterday, but alas, he woke up vomiting today. :( I brought him to the doctor after fetching IT from school, looks like a case of stomach flu. He can't keep any medicine or food down, hope it will be much better tomorrow. He is still very active and his usual cheeky self, does not look sick at all if you don't see him vomiting.

Alright, get back to the bentos I'm sharing today. Maleficent bento cut out of nori, this was a last minute idea. I was doing revisions with IT last sunday, was feeling bored sitting at the table with him, so I took out some nori to cut Maleficent while he was doing his work. I only sketched out the outline, I just cut the facial details freehand, using a pair of scissors. Does not exactly looks like Maleficent I guess, my boys thought so as well, lol.

I layered the nori on cheese, wrapped with cling wrap, and kept it in an air-tight container in the fridge overnight. I then took it out to decorate the dinner bento yesterday.

The side dishes were dry curry chicken, broccoli and strawberries. Cooked some teriyaki cod fish as well, but I did not pack it in.

This cutie version of Maleficent was made much earlier, when the movie started showing in cinemas here.

Ingredients used to make Maleficent were rice, nori, strawberry and cheese.
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