Monday 18 August 2014

Sleeping Snoopy Somen

What a sleepy Monday, I had problem getting out of bed early again after the 4 days break from school. -_- Today's food art totally depict what I had wanted to do this morning.

There you go, Snoopy sleeping blissfully on top of his house. I was so tempted to take a nap this afternoon, but had tons of stuff to clear, so I did not do so eventually.

Snoopy was made from somen, nori and cheese. Snoopy's house was made from ume somen, which comes in a pretty pink shade, details were done using boiled kombu. For the side dish, I fried some chicken cutlets.

Another sleeping Snoopy I made, this one was made from just somen, nori and cheese.

Served this with some grilled salmon topped with ebiko and mayonnaise.
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