Wednesday 24 September 2014

The Giving Tree Bento

September 25th is Shel Silverstein Day and I'm joining a blog hop with my fellow bento friends from Bento Bloggers & Friends to pay tribute to the late author. Look for the image at the end of this post, it will link you to more bentos inspired by Shel Silverstein.

Even though I've only read one book, The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein, it's one of my favourite book and it left a lasting impression on me. I first learnt about The Giving Tree from my lecturer, he read us the book before the start of his lesson. I was deeply touched by it, I subsequently bought one for myself. Tears welled up in my eyes when I read the book again at home. I remember reading this book to both my boys when they were younger. Nowadays they usually read on their own, so this book has been forgotten on the bookshelf as it's not the usual genre they would pick to read.

I'm very glad that due to this bento, I took out The Giving Tree and read it to my boys and we got to discuss about the meaning of the story. The book in the photo is the exact same one I bought for myself many years ago, I kept it all along. :)

The little boy was made out of cheese, nori and capsicum, not exactly like the boy in the book, I just did a quick cut free-hand. The apple was a mini cherry tomato.

Main for this lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich and side dishes were broccoli and shrimp salad, kiwis and strawberries.
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  1. Lovely bento, and so neatly done! So cool that you managed to find your own copy of the book!

  2. This lunch is a work of art, so beautiful!

  3. Wow, just wow! I think your little boy looks pretty spot on! Amazing work. I bet this lunch will be well loved. :)

  4. You're so talented! Love ur bento always.

  5. Beautifully done, Ming. You are inspirational!


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