Tuesday 2 September 2014

Minion Burger

I've been really busy these few weeks, I'm still busy clearing stuff at night till I've no time to catch up on all those current K-dramas I've been watching. :( My boys' one week break is coming soon, it's actually a little longer than a week, as they will officially be off from school this Thursday. For some reason, I always seem to have even less time to do stuff on school holidays, I guess it's because we end up sleeping more and spending more time out of the house. -_-

Alright, back to this Minion cheeseburger lunch I'm sharing today. I placed a slice of cheese over the beef patty while it's hot, so it will melt and mould nicely onto the patty.

Can you catch a glimpse of the Minion meringue at the back? I did not take a clearer picture of it as it was a failure. The whole batch could not make it, they were too fragile and there were some cracks. I should have made macarons instead, I was feeling lazy and thought I could try meringue and skip making the fillings. -_-

Here's a closer look at the Minion, ingredients used to make this were cheese, nori, egg and ketchup.
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  1. What a super cute minion burger and a great idea to mould the cheese on it!! The meringue looks good to me.:)

  2. Almost forgot the sch holidays are approaching, seemed that the June hols ended not too long ago! Love the Minion burger!

  3. You are so creative!! I didn't notice it was a cheese in the first place. The meringue looks cute to me too^^


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