Tuesday 30 September 2014

Relaxing Pooh Bear & Piglet

As expected, with every report of my bento, there are bound to be some rather 'interesting' comments. Don't worry, I'm not affected by them. I can't be bothered to clarify or explain anything to these Internet trolls, who are of no importance in my life, furthermore, I doubt they will understand anyway. However, do click HERE and HERE to check out these posts by my bento friends, Lunchbox Dad and Eats Amazing, love both their write-up on this. :)

I made this Pooh Bear food art in August and posted it on my Instagram. A few weeks later, I wanted to make Piglet in a similar pose, but I wasn't sure how Piglet's tail should look like, so I went to search online, only to realise Piglet and Pooh both have no tails. Really!?! I always just assume Pooh has a tail. -_- And I also realised there's no way Pooh's legs could be positioned this way while lying flat on his tummy. I even went to try it out to make sure, or maybe it's possible and I'm not flexible enough, hahahaha.

Anyway, I decided to make Pooh Bear again, in the exact same pose, minus the tail and with the legs adjusted, now he feels more comfortable. :P

Dinner that day was a one pot meal, soup with shabu shabu pork, veggies, prawns, squid and mushrooms.

Pooh bear is made using rice mixed with mashed egg yolk, nori and crabstick.

Piglet was made on a different day, even though the soup behind looks similar, so happened to cook the same one pot meal again, lol.

Piglet was made using rice coloured using pink sushi seasoning, ham and nori.

A close up shot of Piglet.
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  1. So adorable! Love Piglet's expression!

  2. Ya,i agreed wit u,juz follow our feeling^^
    Ur Pooh Bear and Piglet are sooooo cute and they are so relaxing^^好像有生命似的!
    Err..now then i know Piglet has no tail...haha

  3. OMG i just found this page and this is INCREDIBLE!! i am so impressed! wow! you are soo talented!

    1. Tk u, please leave a nick/name next time when you comment. :)

  4. Super cute Pooh and Piglet and I like them both! I love your talent and creativity! <3

  5. Aww....I love piglet most!!! Pooh also cute ^_^ You're talented dear :)

  6. I really love yr cute pooh n piglet lovely adorable bento ... Really looking forward to c u create ESP more design on pooh , piglet , tigger , eeyore n disney design like Mickey n Minnie n more different cartoon character

    1. Tk u, Pearlyn. Yes, making all those, but let me clear off some Halloween and autumn bento first.


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