Tuesday 16 September 2014

CutezCute Piggy and Panda

It's back to school again yesterday, the last term of the year, can't believe time flies so fast. My boys are growing up too fast!

This ham piggy adds instant cuteness to your food. I used the piggy cutter from CuteZCute Animal Friends cutter and the body cutter from Cuddle Palz.

I then added on eyes and mouth punched out from nori, cut out a little tail from ham, and dabbed on some ketchup.

And viola, the food art is done, ultra fast to make. I used it on top of pasta here, but you can use it to decorate your rice, sandwich, salad, etc.

The pasta underneath was Tom Yum seafood pasta, a current favourite with IT, he loves eating this.

Here's another idea, a nutella panda sandwich. This time, I used the panda cutter from Animal Friends with the body cutter from Cuddle Palz.

I used the body cutter to cut out another arm and tail and spread them with nutella for the contrast. Not very smooth as my nutella is drying up. -_-
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  1. Thank you! for uploading all of these cute recipes LOVE them so much!!!
    Thanks again <3!

  2. Aww, they are soooo cute and I love the idea of the piggy above the pasta!:) I'll have to make if for dinner one day.:)

  3. Drooling!!
    You are sooo creative!! I love both!

  4. Very cute! So creative!


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