Tuesday 9 September 2014

Totoro Curry and Pancake

I've not been making any new food art that I can share since the school holidays started, only made two bento which I will be using for a bento project which I've been working on since June. I'm terribly slow at completing the project though, hopefully I'll wrap up everything end of this year, and I will have good news to share with all of you next year. :)

For today, I'm sharing this Totoro curry rice I made way back in May. Oops, I'm terribly slow at updating these days. -_-

The grey portion of Totoro was rice mixed with grinded black sesame seeds. I shaped Totoro first, scoop in the curry and added on his teeth. :)

Totoro pancakes, which I made for my boys' breakfast during the last school holiday in June.

This was rather fast to make, I used whipped cream and chocolate to draw on the details.

This Totoro post reminds me of the Totoro terrariums we made for Teachers' Day. I wanted to share this earlier but I forgot. It was fun to make these terrariums with my boys, we all love them so much. In fact, this is the first time my boys can't bear to part with the gifts they made. I told them we'll make some for ourselves this week. They made the cards as well, I came up with the design and just demonstrated to them how to make one. I did help them to trim the outlines of the animals a little, as their cutting was a little uneven.
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  1. Amazing & love the Totoro Curry ideas....makes me hungry now ^_^

  2. Totoro looks fantastic and delish, I especially love the curry version! I have to make a Totoro bento one of these days.:)

  3. Love all these Totoro! So creative! Can't wait for your good news, must be something so exciting!

  4. I love the totoro pancakes! So clever.

  5. Tks for sharing these ideas. I LOVE them and am inspired to give them a try. A question, did you mix sesame in rice before cooking or after? Tks again, Maggie


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