Thursday 12 July 2012

Apple Bento

The bentos today were inspired by the set of Shinzi Katoh sauce containers sponsored by Jmama. :)

This is the set I'm talking about. Cute eh? :)

Apples buddies for lunch! :) Rice is mixed with beetroot powder and sushi vinegar. Looks like onigiri, but it's actually sushi in disguise, lol. I also stuffed seaweed inside and it's meant to be eaten with soya sauce. :P

Other food are panko chicken, asparagus, golden kiwis and strawberries.

And for School, they had sushi with panko chicken and grapes. Diablock containers and apples picks are available at Jmama.

I bought a big pack of panko at the clearance section of the Japanese mart I frequent without checking the expiry date. And guess what, I just discovered it's expiring in another 10 days, now trying to use it up as soon as possible. Hiaz. -_-

Ramen for the boys' dinner yesterday. Angry bird fishcake from my mum, she bought them from the market. :)

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