Friday 6 July 2012

Totoro Sushi Bento

Yay, my favourite Totoro again! This time I tried to make him from sushi, proportion turned out a little wrong though, lol.

The grey portion is rice mixed with black sesame. The top part did not turn out as wide as I wanted. I thought it looked more like someone wearing a totoro headgear instead, so I added in a Hello Kitty face at the last minute, lol.

The boys had sushi dipped in their favourite sashimi soya sauce, with grilled coriander drumstick, ham/egg roll, golden kiwis and strawberries. I don't know what's wrong with me this morning, I thought there was already vegetables in their lunchbox. I should have blanched some broccoli, instead of making the egg/ham roll to fill up the box. -_-

And sushi for School, packed with soya sauce, coriander drumstick, strawberries and grapes.

A closer look. :)

I'm using these ready crushed black sesame to mix with the rice to obtain the greyish hue. If you can't get hold of these, you can buy whole sesame seeds and grind or crush them yourself.

Kept part of the food from dinner last night for my lunch, luncheon meat fried rice and prawn paste wings.

It's Friday again, have a good weekend everyone, I'll be back again next Monday. :)


  1. Hai, did you cook the black sesame? How you mix it with rice? Thanks! Regards,Celine

    1. Celine, nope, I did not cook it. I used ready crushed black sesame n just mixed with cooked rice. I'll update this post with the pic tomorrow. Alternatively, u can also buy whole roasted black sesame seeds n grind/crush them urself. :)

  2. Hai, mind to teach how to make the gray rice? Thanks. Regards,Celine


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