Tuesday 17 July 2012

Black Bear Bento

Black bears for my boys' bentos today, I so want to make black cats too, lol. Soon, I guess, next black animal I make will be a black cat, maybe Kiki. :)

Bears are onigri wrapped with seaweed.

The other food are chicken balls stuffed with cheese and veggies, strawberries and golden kiwis.

The bread versions, mini bears are seaweed wrapped around bread balls. Not happy with these, the seaweed are not wrapped properly.

Snackbox is packed with sandwiches, chicken ball and grapes.

So excited to get these picks in the mail today. Shannon from Molly's Lunchbox kindly helped me to get them from the store, thank you so much! :)


  1. Wow! Blackie! I dont see anything wrong with the little blackie Ming. It looks really good! How does it takes for nori n bread together? ;)

    1. Haha, tks, the seaweed is not wrapped properly n some places are torn. I spread some jam on the bread ball before wrapping, but does not stick as well as the tie version.

  2. They look super cute and I think you wrapped them so nicely and neat too. I am sure they taste yummy too! Thanks for the info on the flower color and your mom is funny :)

    1. Tks for your encouraging comments, Rina. :)

  3. Hello !!! Your black bears are so cute with their little hats on !! I love kiki, you made me want to do a black cat too !! I have never tried but i have a black cat tutorial in one of my bento books :). These new picks you got look nice, i wonder what you can do with them !!! Ah and by the way, the chicken balls with cheese and veggies look so yummy :p

    1. Tks so much, Kelyrin. :) I will love to see yours! :)


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