Thursday 19 July 2012

Spiderman Bento

Spiderman has been on my to do list for very long, and so are a lot of other characters, lol. :) Yes, my list seems to be never ending. Anyway, I finally muster up enough courage to do Spidey today. The chocolate decors and the spiders on cheese were all done yesterday.

I wasted a lot of time this morning on these 2 sets, because my nori kept breaking after I cut them. -_- I ran out out of time and was running late in sending LT to School, so I rushed through the set on the left.

Red rice coloured with beetroot. Other food in the box are nuggets, fries, broccoli and strawberries.

I never seem to make much improvement in my chocolate painting, I wonder whether I will ever master it, lol. Dun ask me why the chocolate looks uneven, I've no idea either. Pretty fast doing the chocolate painting though, and as usual, this was impressive enough for my boys.

My pokey faced Spidey and badly written words. -_- IT has been asking me for fries and nuggets, so I've packed them today, with their usual sandwiches and grapes.

IT has an excursion to the National Museum today, packed an extra bag of junk food for him, lol. :P

My bento pal, Yenn, has just opened an online store selling bento supplies. Do check out her site, Bento Mama Supplies, and yes, she does ships worldwide. :)


  1. Wow!!! And as usual, you are never fail to impress me! This is good, Ming! And for the chocolate painting, it is not noticeable from far. And it is still looks good for me. Really!

    And lastly, thank you so much for mentioning about my new online store at your blog! Big hug and appreciate much! =)

    1. Tks for your encouraging comments, Yenn. U are welcome, it's the least I could do to thank you for passing me the discount last time. :)

  2. I also have to say, Wow! Such wonderful memories you are creating for your boys.

    1. Tks a lot, Kathy. I do hope they will remember all these when they grow up. :)

  3. Wow this is really time consuming!! But your boys love them right? How to cut the spider web?

    1. Yes, this takes longer than my usual, so cannot only do sometimes. :) Yup, they do love the Spideys. I used a sharp tipped scissor to cut out the nori, just cut in parts n piece together. :)


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