Friday 20 July 2012

Racial Harmony Day Bento

It's Racial Harmony Day today, so I've made a bento of the four major races in Singapore. The boys aren't required to report in ethnic costume this year, but I think there'll be some activities in IT's School during recess. :)

The races are Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian. Can you spot them? :)

Cold soba for them, with prawns, golden kiwis and strawberries.

I packed their soba for School in the thermal flask.

And they also had prawns and grapes for School.

Curry beef stew for my dinner last night.

I've updated the piggy yakisoba post last week with a tuturial, go check it out if you are interested. :)


  1. I can spot all! XD I love the indian the most! So cute with the pony tail! =)
    How long did you take to do 16 faces?? You must be very expert and fast already!

    Another thing, your food made me droooollling.... =)

    1. Tks a lot, Yenn. :) lol, no idea, I did the cheese decor the nite before while watching TV. Next morning just put on the fd. :)


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