Monday 9 September 2013

Cinnamoroll Bread Bun

I've not been making any charabens since last Wednesday, we have been out everyday and I've not been doing much cooking. Not complaining, I'm enjoying the break and the luxury of waking up late. I'll try to do a blog post tomorrow, and I've a blog hop on Friday, check back then to see what theme it is. :)

Sharing these Cinnamoroll bread buns I made around two weeks ago. Or should I call these Mocha bread rolls instead, since it's brown like the character Mocha. The details were done using nori, Kamaboko and ham. :)

I made these for my boys' snacks. I actually forgotten what fillings I put in these bread buns. I asked IT whether he remembers and he tells me it's filled with sausages.
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