Thursday 5 September 2013

Teachers' Day Bento

This will be my last post for the week. I am taking a break from blogging tomorrow because I'm feeling a little lazy since my boys are on holidays starting tomorrow. By the way, if you are familiar with Nagano and have good recommendations for accommodation there, I will be very thankful if you can leave me a comment or send me an email. I can't decide whether to stay at Shiga Kogen area or around the onsen town at Yamaouchi, been looking through the reviews of ryokans/hotels there for the past few days but still undecided on which to book. -_- Thus, if you have any advice, I will greatly appreciate if you can help. :)

Teachers' Day is tomorrow and it's a holiday. I made this Teachers Day lunch for my boys on Tuesday. :) These two bunnies are busy preparing for Teachers' Day. Bunnies are rice mixed with sakura denbu. Balloons are cherry tomatoes and pasta. Blackboard is made from cheese, nori and bread crust. They no longer use blackboards in School these days but whiteboards instead. I know markers are supposedly cleaner than chalks, but I still love the old school blackboards.

I cooked meatballs in bolognese sauce, then baked them with cheese.

I also made a bread version too for my boys' snacks. :)

The bear is bread spread with peanut butter, and the black board is bread spread with nutella.

Teachers' Day cards my boys made. I came up with this very simple and fast card idea, something they can easily make without my help, just need some washi tape and rubber stamps. I think we will be doing a variation of this next year as well, lol. My boys wrote their own messages inside the card and decorated with some drawings.

Lego, pandas and hamburger boxes as gifts for my boys' teachers. The rest of the stuff are mine. All items are from BentoUSA.
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  1. Love these lunches, they are so cute! Amazing.

  2. I really love this! especially how they are backfacing and writing on the blackboard! so cute!

  3. Loving it!!!

    Happy Holidays & will patiently wait for your updates ^_^

  4. Ooooooh i like the bread version!! thanks for sharing! Sooooo nice!

    Gosh... How I wish u could be one of the the teachers to get those great gifts :-)


  5. These are adorable! I love love the bear. I am going to share this post on my Facebook page. Please stop by and link it to my Back to School Traditions link up.

  6. We love the bread bear most! My son asked for his own bear. So i have to buy peanut butter ;) have a nice weekend!


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