Monday 30 September 2013

Panda Bento

Do you remember my Ninja Panda from last week? I'm sharing another version of it today. :)

This version is easy to make, just fill one tier of the bento box with rice, and cut out the details using nori and cheese. :)

I layered egg soboro under the rice. There are chicken cutlets, lettuce, grapes, strawberries and miso soup in the other two tiers. :)

This bento box is great for packing bread too. I made this Ninja Panda using white and chocolate bread. :) I used the bento box to cut the bread so it fits inside.

I realized it's a little difficult to get the bread out from the box when packed this way. I did found a solution for it, simply line with some wax paper before placing in the bread, so you can easily get the bread out by lifting the wax paper. :)

And here's an even faster idea, if you have a CuteZcute cutter, just use it and cut out your sandwich. :)

Quick and easy, and not to mention adorable too. :)
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  1. Love the headgear of your ninja pandas!

  2. The Pandas are super cute and I love the rice version! :)


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