Wednesday 18 September 2013

Mid Autumn Mooncake & Bunny Bento

It's Mid Autumn tomorrow. Over in Singapore, the festival is usually celebrated by savouring mooncakes under the beautiful moon, while the kids have fun carrying around their lanterns. I made two Mid Autumn bentos this week and I'm sharing them in today's post. If you are interested in what I made last year, you can click HERE to see.

Casa Bento has kindly sponsored a set of lace cutters. They are perfect for my mooncake bento.

Here's what you get inside the pack, you can use these to cut out beautiful lace patterns. There's also an instruction booklet inside that gives you some ideas on how to make use of these cutters. :)

If you are from Singapore, Casa Bento has a selection of bento stuff at Takahimiya B1, kitchen section.

They have quite a good range of bento products there. :)

This is the bento I made with the cutters, mooncakes made from rice and meat patties. The cheese cut outs and flowers are made using the lace cutters.

I stuffed some meat patties in the onigiri as well.

This is another Mid Autumn bento I made, two bunnies under the full moon. I cooked teriyaki chicken, prawn rolls and broccoli for my boys' lunch that day.

One of the bunny is carrying a bunny lantern. :)


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