Friday 27 September 2013

Panda Cookies

Did you notice my new blog banner? Hehe, I just updated it to Halloween bentos, because it's Halloween end of next month. I just made my first Halloween bento this year yesterday. Hopefully I will get the post drafted out soon and I can share it end of next week. Meanwhile, if you need some ideas, you can check out the Halloween bentos I made for the past two years HERE. I made quite a lot of Halloween bentos before, my boys love Halloween theme and I also enjoyed making them. Can't wait to make more this year. :)

I made these Panda cookies during the school holidays, they are cut out with a set of Panda cutters. I love this set of Panda cutters, they are very cute and can be used to cut bread too. :)

I'm sharing the Panda cookies recipe below. :)


  • 160g Flour
  • 130g Flour + 30g Cocoa Powder
  • 1 egg
  • 120g Butter
  • 120g Sugar
  1. Use hand whisk to beat butter with sugar, adding the sugar in 3 portions. Whisk till creamy.
  2. Add in egg and whisk .
  3. Divide the dough into half. Add 160g to one portion. Add 130g Flour and 30g Cocoa Powder to the other portion. Mix well with spatula and shape into a ball with your hands. Cling wrap the plain dough and brown dough separately.
  4. Put in fridge for around 30 minutes to an hour.
  5. Take out dough, roll out, cut with Panda cookie cutter and place on baking paper.
  6. Bake at 160 degrees celcius for 15 minutes.
  • I find it easier to stamp the panda features and then cut it out, instead of doing it the other way round. 
  • If you prefer a lighter brown dough, you can decrease the amount of Cocoa powder and increase the amount of plain flour, in the same proportion. 
Where to get cutter used in today's post:


  1. Awww, to cute to eat! And nice banner! <3 Have a nice weekend with your family!

  2. thanks for sharing the recipe! I havent got around to use my set of cutters yet. haha

  3. I just got this cutter set too, will try your recipe soon. Thank you so much

  4. So cute! I bought these cutters a long time ago but not used it yet.

  5. So cute! I got these cutters long time ago but don't know how to do the cookies. Thanks for your recipe!!! I

  6. Ooh I just got delievered my set of panda cookie cutters by the postman yesterday! My 4 year old daughter is OBSESSED with pandas so we're planning a panda party for her for next year and I wanted to get these early so I can perfect them and just make them for treats! Yay! :) Btw LOVE your halloween Bentos they are ADORABLE! So glad I stumbled across your blog! :)

    1. Tk u, Jess. That sounds awesome, these cutters are indeed very cute!

  7. Hi can I know why my dough keep breaking?

    1. Try rolling between baking paper till the dough becomes softer. Kindly leave a nick/name if u are commenting as anonymous. Tk u. :)

  8. How many cookies can your recipe make?

  9. Hello! I just bought this set of cutters. I am wondering if you assemble the plain and brown components and bake together ? or you bake separately and assemble after?? thank you!!

  10. Thank u so much for the recipe. Bought the cutter set 1Month ago and now finally i managed to make them. Soooo cute.
    Lovely greets from Germany


  11. I tried converting grams into cups US and it didn't look at good at yours:(


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