Monday, 16 September 2013

Piggy Yakisoba Pan

Busy, busy day today, my boys are back in School again after the one week break. For this post, I'm sharing Yakisoba Pan from before the School holidays.

I made piggies from fish sausage to decorate my boys' lunch. Added some flowers cut out from cheese as well.

Very simple and fast decor to add some cuteness to your food. :)

Sharing this bento drawing I did before the School holidays. I missed packing bentos for myself! :(
Where to get same or similar items used in today's post:


  1. These piggies are just wonderful. Cute! Cute! Cute!

  2. adorable those piggies!

  3. hi bento mom Ming!
    i came across your site while looking for bento inspirations. you make beautiful bento. :)
    i'm still new to making bento. i just started now because my daughter asked for them. she's also in primary school. bought some sandwich cutters and rice moulds to start my kit. i hope you dont mind if i copy some of your work. i want to get serious in bento making so she can eat a variety of food. i need to get creative so she'll eat a lot, esp fruits and veggies.
    by the way, are you also from Singapore?

    :) kaye

    1. Yes, I'm from Singapore. Thank you very much, of course u can copy anything you like here. :)

  4. So cute the piggies and the drawings are amazing!

  5. Gosh.....way tooooo CUTE!!!! And awesome drawing ^_^

  6. Those piggies are super adorable and you are a great artist!:)


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