Tuesday 1 April 2014

Kiiroitori Fried Pumpkin Ball

I'm sharing a dessert, fried pumpkin balls, made them just before the one week break.

These fried pumpkin balls were made using the recipe shared by 婉婉下午茶. If you are interested to make some, you can hop over to her blog for the recipe and step-by-step pictures. :)

I made my pumpkin balls into Kiiroitori, Rilakkuma's chick friend. :) I stuffed my pumpkin balls with red bean paste instead of nian gao (Chinese New Year cake), simply because I had no nian gao at home but I had a pack of red bean paste I wanted to clear. They turned out pretty good too, although I think the melt in the mouth nian gao would have been even better!

These were pretty addictive, have to stop myself from popping all into my mouth, lol.


  1. Very cute Kiiroitori! Did you draw the facial details with chocolate?

  2. 哇!你的kiiroitori好可爱耶!好开心你试了这食谱,谢谢你^^

  3. They are super cute and looks so delicious Ming! I love them!!


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