Monday 14 April 2014

Chick Sushi Easter Bento

It's a short school week this week, I still have a few more Easter ideas but I'm not sure if I've time to make and blog about them before Easter. Will see how it goes.

The idea for these chick deco sushi is from one of my favourite deco sushi book. I've wanted to make them for sometime, and the coming Easter gives me the perfect reason to include them in my boys' bento.

I kept another two sushi for my boys to bring to school the following day. My boys still pack bento to school every day but I stopped decorating those this year. LT had an excursion and was thrilled to bring along the chick sushi for school.

Ingredients used for the sushi were rice (coloured with mashed egg yolk), carrot, Abura Age and nori.
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