Wednesday 16 April 2014

Easter Chick Burger

Ahhhhh, I've been super busy these few days. I've yet to make any foodart this week, I've had small pockets of free time here and there, but after all the running around, I rather whip up a fast meal, sit down, rest and catch up on my K-drama instead. I still have a few more Easter foodart I want to make, but I most likely won't be able to share them before Easter, rather undecided if I should still make them, guess I'll make up my mind tomorrow.

Here's a simple food art idea for Easter, Kiiroitori hatching out from an egg. :)

This is actually a cheese burger. I layered a slice of cheese on top of the patty and decorated it into Kiirotori, using carrots and nori.  This was quite fast to make. :)

I will share another easy food art for Easter tomorrow. :)
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  1. Love this amazingly good idea!!

  2. Aw! So cute! You can always label your foodart "Sprint Time" lol!

  3. I love the super cute chick Ming! So creative to use cheese on the patty and decorated it!


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