Tuesday 22 April 2014

Earth Day Bento

Happy Earth Day! This is the third year I'm making foodart for Earth Day. Please click HERE and HERE to check out my previous two years' creations.

I actually wanted to make something different this year,  and already had something in mind, but it requires more time to complete. I was busy today and did not want to spend too much time on making charaben. I ended up doing a remake of my first Earth Day bento from two years ago. Instead of making two boys, I decided to make a girl hugging Mother Earth instead.

Did you notice the bow pasta on the top left of the bento? Had wanted to add it to the girl's hair, but did not like how it turned out, so I took it out. The girl is made from rice coloured with ketchup, pasta (her hair), nori and ham. I've been recycling the same idea for making the Earth, using blue coloured rice and blanched veggie. However, I've noticed I've coloured my rice blue using different methods in all three creations. The first one was coloured using natural blue powdered colouring. The second one was coloured using butterfly pea flower and this one was coloured with deco furi.

Added the finishing touch to this bento by adding some herbs from my mini garden. There's thyme on the girls' hair and some oregano around her. The flowers on her hair are from a pack of furikake. :)
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