Wednesday 9 April 2014

Line Brown & Cony Easter Bento

I finally started making Easter bentos this week. I still have a backlog of foodart to be posted, but I'll share all my Easter creations first instead.

I made a Brown and Cony Easter bento or my boys' lunch yesterday. Actually there's only Brown in the bento, he's pretending to be Cony by wearing a Cony hat, lol. -_-

Ingredients used to make Brown were rice (brown portion coloured with dark soya sauce), nori and ham. Sides packed in the beno were carrot meat patties, stir fried pea sprouts, quail eggs and strawberries.

The Easter eggs were hard boiled quail eggs coloured naturally by soaking them in coloured water. Yellow, blue and red eggs were soaked in water coloured using tumeric, butterfly pea flower and beetroot respectively.
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