Monday 28 April 2014

Kiiroitori Somen

I love making food art using cold somen/soba, the creations are usually quite fast and easy to do, and my boys love eating their noodles cold. Whenever I'm feeling lazy, I'll always look to using somen/soba for food art.

A Kiiroitori somen, which I made a while back. I used carrots for his beak and stacked nori on cheese for the other parts.

Grilled garlic miso wings using my air fryer, to go with the somen. I like using miso to marinade chicken and fish, but I've never added garlic together with miso before. I happened to come across these garlic miso wings from Just One Cookbook, and thought I'll give it a try. They turned out really good, do hop over to Nami's site if you need the recipe.

You can also try creating this using noodles or pasta. :)
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  1. Kiiroitori looks really cute! I have been wanting to try out that garlic miso wings recipe too, maybe will try making that for dinner later this week.

  2. Thanks for your recipe. I will try this dish with my Philips airfryer.

  3. How cute and lovely. My made egg noodle as my singer dinner a while before. I and my son had a nice eating game with this recipe :) :) :)

  4. Clear, informative, simple. Love your post!

  5. I love every ingredient in this. Perfect!!!!!!


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