Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Frozen Elsa & Olaf Bento

Do you remember the Olaf somen I made? Click HERE to check out that post if you missed it. My boys went to rewatch Frozen after that lunch, and they requested me to make Olaf again.

I took the opportunity to make Elsa, and included a small Olaf for them, lol. This was probably not what they were expecting but they still ate it up without any complaints. :P

This was for my boys' dinner, they had dry curry chicken, fish cutlets, and stir fried asparagus with prawns. They are quite good with spicy food these days, mild to moderate spicy food is not a problem for them, they just need an extra glass of water, lol. I no longer have to cook another dish just for them when I cook something spicy.

Elsa was made out of rice (orange coloured with ketchup, blue coloured with deco furi), nori, kamaboko and pasta. Olaf was made using quail eggs, nori, carrots and kamaboko. :)
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