Thursday 24 April 2014

Swimming Rilakkuma & Pancake

Finally back to clearing my backlog of foodart, lol. My memory these days is quite bad, the problem with blogging about my food art so late is that I sometimes have problem recalling the details of what I made. -_-

This Rilakkuma by the beach lunch was made quite sometime back. I remembered we were still experiencing a dry spell back then and I wished I could be taking a dip in the pool while walking under the blazing hot sun.

Rilakkuma and friends were made from rice (brown coloured with dark soya sauce, yellow coloured with deco furi), nori, cheese, egg sheet and carrots.

They were swimming in Japanese beef curry. I made some ships out of sausages and cut out some fish from carrots. Did you notice Korilakkuma's duckie float?

I think I made this Rilakkuma breakfast during the first day of our one week break in March. Instead of a waffles recipe, I simply used the Japanese pancake mix in my Rilakkuma waffle pan. Lol, so I guess they should be called pancakes, not waffles.

This breakfast set was actually mine.  I took a little too long to cook everything. My boys could not wait any longer and were already eating their breakfast as I was taking these photos.

Served the pancakes with maple syrup. :)
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  1. Too cute! Love the details in the beach lunch!

  2. too cute not to post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is SUPER cute Ming!! Love every detailing and the duckie float is very creative. I would love to have the cute waffles for breakfast.:)

  4. 好可爱的便当!那鸭子泳圈也太可爱了!

  5. aww....super duper cute!! Love it all from lunch to pancake!!!

  6. All of that looks soooo yummy :3


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