Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bear Wraps Bento

I decided to make something different for my boys' lunch last Monday. I made them chicken wraps for lunch. It's also lunch delivery day, so I thought these wraps will be easier for IT to eat before his CCA.

The bears are chicken patties which I shaped and coated with panko before shallow frying them. There are also cheddar and lettuce in the wraps.

The box behind contains golden kiwis and strawberries.

I spent some time this afternoon drawing sushi, it's been years since I last drew. I so want to pick up drawing again, but I don't know if I can find time to do so. -_-
Where to get same or similar items as used in today's post:


  1. Hi!!! I never see such cute wrap before. 👍Will try to do for my girl . Thanks for this ideas

  2. Your drawing look like real sushi! Yummy

  3. I must try out this, so lovely! :)

  4. Such a cute one! I love how the bears are peeping out!!

    The drawings are so cute too!

  5. 可爱!你的熊熊汉堡!


    1. 谢谢你哦!曾经想过,但现阶段根本无法抽出时间实现。将来有多余的时间时,不知道还会不会对制作便当感兴趣。

  6. Love your bear patties! So cute! And your drawing is lovely!

  7. Oh you have a boy in AM session already? Seems like just a few months back when I asked you and you said you were still wondering how to take photos if you had to bento in the mornings.

    How fast time flies huh d:)
    (All your photos are lovely, btw, the lighting is fantastic! Not like mine, very, er, unnatural because all I've got is the lightbulb at 6am.)

    1. Yup, older one is in P3, so am this yr. lol, these bentos I share here are mostly for their lunch, which I make after sending them off at school. Or sometimes snacks in the late afternoon. I don't take photos of their early morning boxes for sch, those are undecorated soup noodles/cold soba or bread cut with cutters.


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