Monday 1 July 2013

Lion Pasta Bento

My apologies that this post is only up today, instead of last Friday as I've mentioned. I've been too busy after returning back from our short holiday on Friday. -_- It's back to School again today, after our four weeks break. I hate turning the alarms on again!

For today's post, I am reviewing another product I received from Trudeau Corp. :) The bentos were done before I left for my trip.

This is the Duo stainless steel food container. It is made from high grade stainless steel and can keep your food hot/cold for 5 hours. The capacity for this is 10oz. It's BPA free, made from eco friendly materials and comes with a 5 years warranty.

It comes with a 2 part lid that can be used as a dry snack container, and a foldable spoon as well. The top cover can also be used as a cup to pour your soup from the thermal container.

I packed some meatballs pasta in the containers. I wrapped the meatballs with cheese and decorated them as lions. I always find it more difficult to pack a charaben in a thermal container. Most of the time, I pack an undecorated lunch in thermal containers. Do you feel the same too?

My boys do use thermal containers to bring food to School pretty often. I usually pack cold soba or hot soupy noodles for them, so I am really happy with these containers from Trudeau. They are a good size for my boys and will keep their food cold/hot for them at recess.

I've received some emails on where to get Trudeau products in Singapore. You can find them at departmental stores like Takashimaya, Metro and John Little. I do not have a full lists of the shops that carry them, if you come across more places that stock Trudeau products, please leave me a comment or email me, so I can add on to the list. :) The picture above was taken at Takashimaya, B1.


  1. Tough work and yet u made it!

  2. Love the lions in the container and yes I find it's difficult to decorate anything in a thermal container too. So nice that you can find Trudeau items in stores there. They have very limited items here in our stores.

    1. Tk u, Rina. Yes, they do carry some stuff here, limited too but they have most of the things I like. :)

  3. Thank you for posting! Have your boys come back on the heat retention power?

    I just remembered I once posted a shot of it on the group. 5oz is rather a small capacity compared with most of the other Thermos ones eg. Foogo is 10oz.

    But I like the foldable spoon in the cover (eh didn't realise that was a snack compartment, lol!) That's just what we need.

    1. Not yet, Lulu, I've yet to packed hot fd this wk. They went to sch with cold soba today, will let u know abt tt. Argh, it's 10oz! Tks for mentioning tt! N they hv a bigger one at 17/18 oz too. The snack compartment will be a little tricky to pack though. Coz it's rather shallow.

    2. Ok, It's still cold when my older one is back from School. I would say it's comparable to the thermos I hv. :) However, if I compare with my Tiger mug, tt one will be better, as it still very cold when my boy rtns fr School.


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